August 2020

  • Kangshen Medical Offer Fantastic Range of Medical Bed

    Hospital Bed Manufacturer, Medical bed, Hospital furniture KangshenMedical is a leading agency which provides huge range of clinic beds and different scientific help device. We attention on production exceptional health facility fixtures for optimum affected person care. We continually advise medical centres along with clinics and hospitals of all sizes…
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  • Get Quality Nursing Beds from Guangdong Kangshen

    Get Nursing Bed, Patient Bed, ICU Bed Guangdong Kangshen is manufacturing medical equipment since 1999. The company focuses on the concept of healthy and eco-friendly products and dedicate themselves to market and develops patient bed and other type of hospital beds. Our main products are Electrical hospital bed, Operation theatre…
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  • Some Tips To Choose The Best Hospital Beds

    Cranks hospital bed, Manual hospital bed, Electric hospital bed In case you intend to get a medical institution bed for someone recovering at home or who wishes domestic care, the primary choice you will should make is whether to buy or hire one. There may be a baffling variety of…
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  • Brief introduction to hospital bed

    The hospital bed, also called the medical bed, treatment bed, patient care bed, etc., is a hospital bed for people to live in a hospital. Medical beds are mainly used in various big hospitals, township health centers, community healthcare centers, etc. The basis of its classifications The classifications of hospital…
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  • Kangshen--a professional electric hospital bed supplier

    Are you looking for an electric hospital bed supplier? Kangshen, a professional medical equipment manufacturer in China, can be your choice. Kangshen medical technology Co., Ltd was established in 1999, focusing on advocating green, healthy, environmental product concepts and dedicated to the sales, development, and production of the hospital bed…
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  • What is the difference between different electric hospital beds?

    What is the difference between the five-function electric multifunctional hospital bed and the seven-function electric hospital bed we always talk about? What do the five functions and seven functions mean? The medical multifunctional electric hospital bed is a nursing bed product that is frequently used clinically. Our more common name…
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  • What are the differences between medical beds and home beds

    In terms of product names, medical beds are specially used by medical units, such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, and community hospitals. The home bed is for family use only. The functions of the two are also different. The functions of the medical bed, whether it is a hand-cranked bed or…
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  • What are the different types of medical beds?

    Electric hospital bed Electric hospital beds have the basic attributes of comfort, safety and application, and assist caregivers in an electric way. Manual bed The product function of the manual hospital bed is similar to that of the electric hospital bed, but the patient cannot operate it personally and requires…
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