Brief introduction to hospital bed

The hospital bed, also called the medical bed, treatment bed, patient care bed, etc., is a hospital bed for people to live in a hospital. Medical beds are mainly used in various big hospitals, township health centers, community healthcare centers, etc.

The basis of its classifications

The classifications of hospital beds are various. The classified ways include these several types as follows:

  1. According to its materials, it can be divided into these categories, including hospital bed abs, all stainless steel hospital bed, semi-stainless steel medical bed, all-steel plastic spray hospital bed, etc.
  2. According to its functions, it can be classified by the electric hospital bed and manual hospital bed, among which the electric hospital bed can be divided into five functions hospital bed, three functions hospital bed, etc., and the manual hospital bed includes these types, such as double rolling hospital bed, single rolling hospital bed, panel hospital bed, etc.
  3. According to the movable points, it can be divided into medical beds with wheels and right-angle medical beds, among which the electric medical beds are generally mobile with wheels.
  4. Additionally, there are hospital beds with other functions, such as ultra-low three-function electric bed, home care bed, medical bed with a bedpan, scald roll-over bed, rescue bed, mother and child bed, baby bed, crib, ICU monitoring bed, diagnostic bed, etc.

Electric bed

The specification of five function luxury electric bed is 2150×900×520/720mm. The bed surface, bed frame, and bed feet are all made of the cold-rolled steel plate and steel pipe, and after two degrees of phosphating electrostatic spraying, the quality reaches the national standard; Plastic deluxe bottom cover, bed head, bed tailboard, guardrail are made of high-grade ABS material, easy to clean, beautiful and generous. The bed adopts an imported motor, silent no noise, and can bear more than 250KG, the guardrail has a computer operation panel, and patients can be more convenient to operate (with nurse controller and CPR function); High strength and high wear resistance in the control of silent casters make the bed move flexibly, light, convenient; It is equipped with four ABS guardrail (can be positioned up and down), infusion stand, drainage hook.

High-grade ABS three shaker

The specification of a high-grade ABS three rolling medical bed is 2150×950×500/700mm. Its material includes an ABS head and tail plate and a cold-rolled steel bed panel. Its back can lean 80°±5°, its leg can lean 40°±5°, and the range of horizontal lifting of the whole bed is from 500 mm to 700 mm.

Double shaking bed

The specification of the all stainless steel double shaker with pulley is 2020×900×500mm. Its material is all 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel tube is used at the head and tail of the bed, and a medical record card is installed at the end of the bed. The bed frame and bed body are made of stainless steel welding, anti-aging, no rust, firm and durable, beautiful and generous; Equipped with four full brake universal casters, flexible rotation, no noise; With backrest, leg double swing function, equipped with stainless steel handle; Optional: stainless steel guardrail, stainless steel infusion pole, mattress, bedside table, debris rack.

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