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Guangdong Kangshen is manufacturing medical equipment since 1999. The company focuses on the concept of healthy and eco-friendly products and dedicate themselves to market and develops patient bed and other type of hospital beds. Our main products are Electrical hospital bed, Operation theatre table, Stretcher, Manual hospital bed, Medicine trolley, bedside cabinet and Mattress etc. we have a team of professionals who focus on the quality of our each product.

Our company is a professional provider of medical equipment and applies a huge amount of energy and time on producing Nursing Bed and other medical equipment. The medical multifunctional beds are generally nursing bed that commonly used in clinic. A nursing bed is a type of bed that has been adapted the requirement of people who are disabled or ill. We welcome you to buy good quality hospital beds at very affordable price. Our team is able to manufacture approx. 5000 beds in a month.

The company is also specialized in manufacturing ICU bed. These beds are generally used in advanced CCU and ICU wards. You can lift the ICU bed by 300 mm, which is suitable for clinical use of X-ray machine. Our company mainly focuses on customer satisfaction, we provide 24/7 customer support to our clients, so that we can build a good relationship between company and customers. If you need to know deeply about our beds range you can visit our official website.

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