GuangDong Kangshen medische technologie

Kangshen Medical werd opgericht in 1999, gericht op het produceren van het concept van groen, gezond en milieu - vriendelijke producten en wijden zich aan de markt, ontwikkelen en produceren van ziekenhuisbedden en schenkingsproducten.
De belangrijkste productie van elektrisch ziekenhuisbed, Handmatig ziekenhuisbed. OT tafel, Brancard, Medicijnkarretje, Matras, Baby bed, boven bedtafel, nachtkastje.

GuangDong Kangshen medische technologie: The leading Chinese Hospital bed manufacturer

Furniture in hospitals and modern equipment for hospitals are significant to carry out in medical care. They assist doctors with doing the basic medical procedure with the most extreme well-being of the patient, yet additionally cause patients to feel good during their visit in an emergency clinic or the medical procedure/post a medical procedure.

Looking for buying the hospital beds? GuangDong Kangshen Medical Technology is here for you!

GuangDong Kangshen Medical Technology is manufacturing the best quality Hospital furniture made in China. As responsible Chinese Hospital bed manufacturer, we manufacture beds by keeping well-being, comfortable to uses, and capacities at the top of the priority list.

Rich looks, inventive plans, and utility are features of our medical services furniture. Aside from regular furniture straightforwardly identified with patients and medical services suppliers like:
1. Icu bed 2. Nursing bed 3. Patiëntenbed 4. Elektrisch ziekenhuisbed 5. Krukken ziekenhuisbed 6. Handmatig ziekenhuisbed 7. Medisch bed

GuangDong Kangshen Medical Technology also offers other furniture utilized in emergency clinics like clinical office furniture, ward furniture, and furniture for lounge areas and halls.

Quality Standard

From the absolute first day of building up this organization, we follow severe quality testing and dealing with the difficulties with great solution to fulfill client needs. With our amazingly experienced and committed group of innovative work office, we are manufacturing reliable and comfortable medical beds.

We are applying the international quality standards based on the norms and terms in the manufacturing of Medical and Surgical Equipment/Products.

Consumer loyalty

We accept that client needs a decent quality item, yet in addition to this, we generally focus on growing long-haul business relations by furnishing trusted quality hospital furniture.

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