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    KS-S203jh Two function manual home care bed Overview Model No.: KS-S203jh Product Name: Two function manual home care bed Size: L2120*1020*400/450/500mm Function: Backrest 75°±5°, Footrest 45°±5°, Material Panel: Metal Head and foot board: MDF Castors: 5 inch castor Color: White for metal, Beech color for MDF Side Rail: Aluminum side…
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Home hospital beds can come in many configurations and specifications. This article will focus on one of these most important differences. Home hospital beds can be found in catalogs as semi-electric, full-electric and manual.

Let's take an in-depth look at the meaning of these terms.

Home Hospital Bed Adjustments

The ability to adjust a bed in a home hospital is one of the most important characteristics of a bed. These adjustments are common:

Adjustment of the head and feet on the bed for a more comfortable position.

Height adjustments allow the user to raise or lower the deck of their bed relative the floor. This allows for easy access and transfer.

Tilt adjustments are available for the Trendelenburg, anti Trendelenburg, and other therapeutic positions like cardiac chair position.

These adjustments require power to lift the bed or bring the user to a sitting position. The most basic home hospital beds depend on the caregivers' muscle power. Manual adjustments must be made. You must lift and lower the head and foot by hand. The hand crank located on the side adjusts the height of the bed. It can quickly become cumbersome to the average home-hospital bed user.

Beds in Full-Electric Hospitals

Manually adjusting hospital beds is not ideal. Patients often have difficulty adjusting the bed. Patients with reduced mobility or muscle weakness are unable to make adjustments. It takes a lot effort to manually adjust beds.

An electric hospital bed replaces manual adjustments with an electric motor. They can be controlled from anywhere within the vicinity of the bed using a hand-held remote.

Once you have a better understanding of home hospital bed adjustments, and how they are powered we can then distinguish between a semi-electric and a fully-electric bed.

Full Electric vs. Semi-Electric Hospitalbed Differences

Semi-electric beds have electric motors that adjust the height and head of the bed, but not the foot or foot. The user can adjust the position and height of the head or foot of the bed by using the electric controls. But they will need to use an analog hand crank to adjust it.

The electric motors that power a full-electric bed's adjustments are powered by an electric motor. Remote control is possible for head, foot and height adjustments. Full-electric beds offer the most sophisticated and advanced bed technology. They provide the highest level of independence, control, comfort, and convenience to the bed's occupant, as well as allowing caregivers to quickly place the bed in the desired position.

Any type of control is possible on our electric home hospitals beds. These control options include wired and wireless electric hand controls, voice commands, and other customized options.

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