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Wholesale price stretcher is available at hospitals store. This category offers a wide range of stretchers, including: "Scoop Stretcher, Ambulance Stretcher, Basket, Stretcher, Medical Stretcher, Folding Stretcher, Portable Stretcher, Emergency stretcher. Rescue stretcher. Wheeled stretcher. Hospital Store knows that each person has their own reasons for purchasing a medical stretching device. Because of this, we offer the best selection, most convenient shopping options and an affordable price to ensure that you find exactly what you need. Order a human stretcher online and we'll dispatch it within 24 hours. Before dispatching them for delivery, every product sourced from us is quality checked. Because we value your experience shopping online and the safety of any medical product or stretcher, we have partnered to reputable courier companies.

Stretcher Description

The most important piece of healthcare furniture are hospital stretchers. Patients with disabilities can be moved using stretchers.

himself/herself. Rescue, ambulance stretcher.

You can choose from a stretcher or a wheeled one. There are many types of patient stretchers.

Types of Stretcher

There are 6 types available for hospital stretchers. When choosing the right stretcher for you, it is important that you know which one will best suit your needs. Here's how to choose the right hospital stretcher for you.

Help you understand the various types of medical stretchers that are available on the market.

*Scoop Stretchers: The Scoop decreases the need for the log roll manoeuvre which in turn reduces cervical spine displacement.

Stretcher Trolley: A Stretcher Trolley is used in Hospitals to transport patients who cannot move from their laying position. To operate, it requires two people.

The stretcher trolley can be operated.

*Ambulance stretcher - A Hospital uses an ambulance stretcher to transport patients who are unable to move from a sitting position, or for other reasons.

Emergency cases. Two people are required to operate the ambulance stretcher trolley.

*Folding Stretcher: Also known as a Cllapsible Stretcher, the folding stretching stretcher is used to carry the patient safely. These foldable stretchers are used for safe and comfortable transport of the patient.

People who cannot walk will be comforted.

*Spine Stretcher: A Spine Board can be used in Hospitals or any other place to transport those patients who are incapable of moving from a prone position.

In an emergency or accidental situation.

*Basket Stretcher: A stretcher made out of strong metal or synthetic material. The patient is placed onto the stretcher so that emergency medical personnel can reach them.

You can safely rescue them from injuries or other inaccessible places.

  • KS-S303dj aluminum stretcher in ambulance
    KS-S303dj aluminum stretcher in ambulance Brand Name: K-care Product Name: aluminum stretcher in ambulanc Place of Origin: Guangdong,China Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty Model Number: KS-S303dj Size: L2000*W660*H310mm Backrest 0~75°±5°, Weight capacity 220kg Color: Orange Wheels : 5’’, 4pcs, Guardrail 1pair, SS Mattress PVC cover Packing sizes: 2000*660*310mm CBM: 0.4 Assemble: Frame has assembled…
  • KS-S201dj ABS 2 function manual stretcher
    KS-S201dj ABS 2 function manual stretcher Brand Name: K-care Product Name: ABS 2 function manual stretcher Place of Origin: Guangdong,China Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty Model Number: KS-S201dj Size: L1950*W640*H610~910mm Backrest 0~75°±5°, Height adjustment 630~930mm Weight capacity 220kg Color: White Wheels : 8’’, 4pcs, with central brake with ABS foot panel Guardrail 1pair, ABS…
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