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  • GS-820 Electric Operation Table
    GS-820 Electric Operation Table Size 2070*480*650-850mm Table Size 1980*500mm Hi-lo adjustable 650-850mm Table forward tilt ≥80° Table back tilting ≥-20° Oil pump vertical travel route 200mm Head rest up down adjust 270*290mm Back rest ≥75° capacity 200kg Leg section Down adjustable 0-90° Model Number GS-820 Warranty 12 month Power source…
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Common injuries to the muscles and musculoskeletal system, such as back or neck pain, are seen in a surgeon's professional career. Studies on ergonomics in seated otolaryngologic procedures are not well-documented. The height of the operating tables and surgical chairs are key elements in an ergonomic environment. To prevent musculoskeletal injuries, and to reduce occupational risk, surgeons can benefit from the right support and positioning.


This study evaluated the operating table and surgical chair heights and determined whether adjustments could be made to accommodate different surgeon physiques.


The dimensions of operating tables and surgical seats were measured in local hospitals. This information was then supplemented by an internet search for other models.


Five operating tables and five surgical stools were found in the local hospital. The results of a Google search revealed that there were five. The greatest range of available tables was 63.5-124.5cm, which is higher than the maximum recommended working height of 76.2cm. The adjustable surgical stool that had the greatest range was available from 50.8 to 72.4 cm in height. Combining operative table with surgical stool gave the most range in heights.


The combination of a surgical table measuring 63.5-125.7 cm in length and a surgical stool measuring 50.8-72.4cm in height provided the most versatility to accommodate different physician heights. This combination could reduce physical fatigue and provide a safer environment for seated surgeons.

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