Multi-Function Electric ICU Medical Bed Hospital

The multi-function hospital bed provides ● Back section up&down● Knee section up&down● The whole bed up&down● Roll left and right● One-Key CPR function● Manual CPR function● Back section decompression function● One-Key trendelenburg function● Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg

  • GS-803
  • 2260x1060x620/900mm
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Multifunctions


GS-803 Multi-function electric ICU bed

GS-803 Multi-function electric ICU bed is intelligent smart medical bed. Equipped with high quality ABS siderail/head and foot board,it looks beautiful and keep safety protect patient falling down the bed. The most important thing is that many function such as One-Key CPR function/Roll left and right/Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg,These features make better patient nursing care and good for patient health. 

 Main features 



● Back section up&down● Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
● Knee section up&down● Back section decompression function
● The whole bed up&down● One-Key trendelenburg function
● Roll left and right● Manual CPR function
● One-Key CPR function● UPS

Standard device:

● 1Pair head and foot boards

● 4Pcs European style long & long ABS guardrail
● 2Pcs built-in bedside rail control● 1Pc LCD nurse general controller
● 4Pcs angle display devices● 2Pcs braking pedals on both sides
● 4Pcs 5”central locking castors● 4Pcs drainage bag hooks
● 4Pcs bumper wheels● 2Pcs lifting pole holes
● 4Pcs IV pole holes● 4Pcs actuators

Versatile options:

※Extensible bed end

※lifting pole
※Scale function

ICU beds are used on intensive care units (ICUs), also known as critical care units (CCUs) or intensive therapy units (ITUs). These specialist units provide treatment and care for people who are seriously ill.

Each patient has one or two dedicated nurses and is under constant monitoring. Additional equipment, like ventilators or feeding tubes, are often used to support high-dependency care needs.

4 Important Features for ICU Beds

By avoiding a long and detailed list of requirements for ICU beds, NHS Trusts can assess which beds best meet patient and staff needs when placing an order.

But there are several features and functions that prove important in a critical care setting. As such, most ICU beds will also include the following four features:


Most intensive care doctors and nurses would consider CPR release as an essential for ICU beds.

This function allows medical teams to flatten the bed platform at the push of a button or lever. In an emergency, this quickly creates the flat, hard surface needed to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).


IV poles are used to securely hang fluids or medications that a patient needs to have administered via a drip. They typically have 2 or 4 hooks which can each support a fluid container.

Having an IV pole with multiple hooks is beneficial in ICUs where patients will often require multiple medications at once.

Choosing an ICU bed with an IV pole included makes it easier to move a patient in an emergency. Rather than having to wheel both the bed and the IV pole, medical staff only have to focus on moving one piece of equipment. This reduces the risk of injury or damage to the IV supply.


Beds with removable head and footboards, which lock safely into place when in use, are often preferred in ICUs.

There are two key benefits to this design:

  • In an emergency scenario, removing the headboard allows medical staff to stand behind the patient. This frees up more space to work around the patient and provides easier access to the head to support breathing.

  • It’s easier to perform prone positioning. This procedure involves rotating a patient from lying face up to face down.

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