GS-806 Wooden Removable Electric Home Care Nursing Bed Three Functions

3 Functions Electrical Homecare Bed Electric Adjustable Beds. The Home Care Bed is designed for versatile use in both home care and health care.

  • GS-806
  • 2110x1200x350/630mm
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 3Function


GS-806 Wooden Removable  Electric Home Care Bed

Rubberwood headboard

Main feature



● Back section up&down

● Knee section up&down

● The whole bed up&down

Standard device:

● 1Pair head and foot boards

● 1Pair aluminum bedside rails

● 3Pcs motors

● 1Pc handset

● 4Pcs 5”central locking castors

● 4Pcs IV pole holes

● 4Pcs drainage bag hook

● 1Pc IV pole



Wooden Removable  Electric Home Care Bed Description

The Home Care Bed or Hospital Bed is designed for versatile use in both home care and health care environments. This bed provides a high/low feature as well as upper/lower body incline/decline, Lift for lower body raise and reverse lift for upper body raise (Trendelenburg). This makes getting in and out of bed easy and helps increase user independence while providing easy transfer and care for the carer and the up most comfort for the patient.

Most Home Care beds come with some degree of electric functionality. This usually comprises Head Raise (for feeding, watching TV), Knee Raise (takes the pressure off the lower back or removes blood from leg extremities whilst raised) and High/Low raise (for ease of access into/out of bed and adjustability for carer). Most caring companies will not provide service to clients who are not in an electric bed due to Occupational Health and Safety reasons. With its ease of assembly, this bed presents as a great option for caring for your loved one at home.

So when looking for a Home Care bed or Hospital Bed for hire in Melbourne, this is a good option.

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