Five-Function Electrical Medical Bed for Hospitals

The 5-function hospital bed provides ● Knee section up&down ● The whole bed up&down ● Back section X-ray filiming function ● Back section decompression function● Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg

  • GS-858
  • 2260x1060x450/740mm
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Five Functions


GS-858 Five function electric patient bed

GS-858 five-function electric medical care bed is also has full-electric adjustability with a quiet motor. as it sounds, this type of bed moves electronically. The height can be adjusted up and down, and the head of the bed sits up and lays down. The foot of the bed can be raised to provide support behind the knees. All of these movements are controlled by a remote or buttons on the side of the bed. A fully electric hospital bed might be best for someone who has limited mobility.

Main features



● Back section up&down

● Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
● Knee section up&down● Back section X-ray filiming function
● The whole bed up&down● Back section decompression function

Standard device:

● 1Pair head and foot boards● 4Pcs European style long & long ABS guardrail
● 4Pcs angle display devices● 2Pcs Build–in controller embedded bed side board
● 4Pcs 5”central locking castors● 2Pcs braking pedals on both sides
● 4Pcs IV pole holes● 1 Pc acrylic panel for back section
● 1Pc shoe shelf● 4Pcs drainage bag hooks
● 4Pcs actuators● 1Pc IV pole ● 1Pc handset

Versatile options:

※Manual CPR function※UPS

Choosing the right hospital bed is more than a matter of comfort — it’s a matter of safety. There’s a fall risk anytime you get in or out of bed, so you want to make sure the hospital bed you buy has the features you need to keep you safe. You have plenty of options to choose from if you’re shopping for a hospital bed for your home. Medical beds are available in many sizes, styles and designs, with optional features like side rails and trapezes. Read about the different types of medical beds to better understand which best fits your needs

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