Five Function Electric ICU Medical Hospital Bed

The Five Function Electric ICU Medical Hospital Bed stands out as a superior choice for efficient patient care. This electrical patient bed offers advanced adaptability with its 5 functions, making it an ideal 5-function ICU bed. Its medical bed electric features ensure swift and precise position adjustments, prioritizing patient comfort and safety in critical care settings.

  • GS-858(a)
  • 2260x1060x450/740mm
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Five Functions


GS-858(a) Five Function Nursing Care Bed

These include movement that adjusts the head and the foot of the bed. The knee section can also be adjusted to be raised or lowered. The entire bed can also be raised to 28 inches off the ground or lowered to 16 inches off the ground. All functions are handled electronically with the bedside controls.

Main features



● Back section up&down● Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
● Knee section up&down● Back section decompression function
● The whole bed up&down

Standard device:

● 1Pair head and foot boards● 4Pcs ABS PP guardrail
● 4Pcs actuators● 2Pcs Build–in controller embedded bed side board
● 1Pc handset● 4Pcs 5”central locking castors
● 4Pcs IV pole holes● 4Pcs drainage bag hooks
● 1Pc IV pole● 1Pc shoe shelf
● 4Pcs angle display devices● 2Pcs braking pedals on both sides

Versatile options:

※Manual CPR function※UPS

ELECTRIC MOTOR ACTUATORS: Our electric motor actuators and control systems offer smooth and quiet movements. Controls are located on the side-rails and hand-held pendant. Its intuitive design allows patients to move to comfortable positions with the press of a button.

The Kcare Bed comes with a foot pedal locking system with 5 inch aluminum caster wheels and brake pedals, which allow for ease of movement, even on carpeted surfaces. These features allow the bed to be easily moved on various surfaces within your home or facility.

ABS PP Siderail

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