ks-b02Manual stainless steel stretcher (Three function)
ks-b02Manual stainless steel stretcher (Three function)
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Size: 1950*750*550/820mm <L*W*H>
High-low adjust:550-820mm,
Standard Accessory:
1. With Aluminum side rail;
2.With 5" individual lock brake castors;
3.With 4 sections stainless steel sleeping board;
4.With 2inch/5cm mattress which waterproof
and easy to clean, with zipper.
1. It is made of high-quality imported stainless steel. The frame of the car is made of Φ22*1.2 pipe,
the railing is made of Φ19*1.0, the welding is firm and beautiful, and the bed panel is stamped and
formed of high-quality stainless steel sheet, which has good air permeability.
2. Bedside guardrail system: One-button bedside guardrail adopts aluminum alloy handrail
phosphating electrophoresis surface treatment, the front and rear lateral tension of the guardrail is
more than 80kg, and a limit safety device is added (provided a patent certificate), and the switch
seat must be made of zinc alloy material (provided Zinc alloy switch material test report) to ensure
the sturdiness of the guardrail, antibacterial anticorrosion, acid and alkali resistance. Six stainless

steel support rods, beautiful and easy to clean. The operation is convenient, labor-saving and stable,
it will not shake back and forth when pushing, easy to stretch, safe, easy to maintain, firm in
structure, and will not rust.
3. Rocker system: The rocker is oil-containing belt limit position protection screw. The screw is made
of imported high-strength bearing steel, and the universal joint of the vertical rod is made of 45#
stainless steel, which is safer, wear-resistant, light and labor-saving, and noise-free (provide screw
patent certificate).
4. The casters are imported resin casters with ABS shock-proof installation structure (patent
certificate is required), with switch function, which is convenient for the bed to be easily controlled
during the pushing process, and it is easier and labor-saving; it has passed the ROHS environmental
protection certification standard (the caster SGS test certificate is required) . φ125mm, high wear
resistance, no noise, acid and alkali resistance, easy maintenance.
5. ABS hand crank telescopic hidden pull rod system, when hidden, it is flush with the footboard of
the bed, avoiding collision with the feet of medical staff, more convenient for nursing operation,safe and reliable

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