What are the different types of medical beds?

Electric hospital bed
Electric hospital beds have the basic attributes of comfort, safety and application, and assist caregivers in an electric way.

Manual bed
The product function of the manual hospital bed is similar to that of the electric hospital bed, but the patient cannot operate it personally and requires the assistance of an accompanying person.

Home nursing bed
Home nursing beds can make it more convenient for caregivers to nurse and take care of patients. For our patients who need to stay in bed for a long time, they cannot move for a long time! So it is undoubtedly pain for them! The angle of the home nursing bed can be adjusted at will! In this way, our patients can have a good sense of comfort! And most of my friends know that the treatment and recuperation of long-term bedridden patients are more troublesome! Therefore, the essential nursing bed at home can not only save time, but also better and improve the level of nursing!

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