What is the difference between different electric hospital beds?

What is the difference between the five-function electric multifunctional hospital bed and the seven-function electric hospital bed we always talk about? What do the five functions and seven functions mean?

The medical multifunctional electric hospital bed is a nursing bed product that is frequently used clinically. Our more common name is the medical multifunctional hospital bed. However, some manufacturers will specifically classify medical electric hospital beds, mainly five-function electric beds and seven-function electric beds. Hospital bed.

What are the five and seven functions of the five-function and seven-function electric hospital bed?

In fact, we cannot simply take the names of these two electric hospital beds as "five functions" and "seven functions". Here, five and seven are not real numbers, but imaginary numbers, referring to the seven-function electric hospital beds. The function is more comprehensive than the five functions.

Of course, just saying that, it may be difficult for everyone to understand the difference between the two, so we based on the two products produced by the same manufacturer, so that everyone has a relatively in-depth understanding of these two products.

Five-function electric hospital bed:

It is mainly used for patient diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and nursing, which can help patients maintain a certain posture under relevant conditions and meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Seven-function electric hospital bed:

It is mainly used in orthopedic advanced CCU and ICU wards, and can be used as advanced treatment in ICU and CCU wards. The overall height of the lifting can reach 300mm, which is convenient for clinical use of C-arm X-ray machines.

In addition to the size specifications, there are some differences in the lifting height of the two medical electric hospital beds, the angle of tilting the front of the bed, and related data.

It can be seen from this that the two products are not really the difference between the five functions and the seven functions like the product names. Relatively speaking, the seven-function electric hospital bed is more professional than the five-function electric hospital bed.