KS-S303yh Manual Three function Hospital Bed
KS-S303yh Manual Three function Hospital Bed
KS-S303yh Manual Three function Hospital Bed
KS-S303yh Manual Three function Hospital Bed
KS-S303yh Manual Three function Hospital Bed

This 3 function Hospital Bed is carefully designed for patients during their treatment. The head and footboard can be removed for the convenience of patients' transfer. The side rails are made of PP, And the gap between two columns is according to the international standard. All the position is achieved by the foldable and concealed manual cranks. This will provide a long use life of cranks. 與 4 帶制動器嘅PC腳輪, 好方便嘅交通.

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KS-S303yh Manual Three function Hospital Bed


名字。 Manual Three function Hospital Bed
Item No. KS-S303YH
Outside size L2220×W1060×H430-740mm
Inside size of mattress base L1950*W900mm
warranty one year after shipment
頭板和腳板 Detachable ABS Head & foot board
Guardrails Long PP side rails
Handset Handset by the patient
腳輪 Central lock system castors
Urine hooks Urine hooks by steel chrome and Plastic dipping together
Approval ISO13485。;CE;ISO9001。;FDA
Raw material Steel and ABS
Options Dining Table; 床褥。, 床邊櫃。.
Safe working load The quality attains national standard. It is equipped with electric motor which is quiet and noiseless and able to support over 250kgs.



Back-rest lifting 0-75°(±2%) by electric motors;
Knee-rest lifting 0-45°(±2%) by electric motors;
Height adjustable H430-740mm by electric motors;


Standard Accessories:

Head & foot board 1set
Guardrails 2個人電腦
車轆 4個人電腦
crank 3個人電腦
Handset 1Pc
Urine hooks 4個人電腦
注射. drip holes 4個人電腦
注射. pole 1Pc

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·生產 / 您的訂單包裝前的檢查報告.


·我哋重視發送畀我哋嘅每一個查詢, 確保快速競爭報價.
·我哋與客戶合作投標. 提供所有必要文檔.
·我哋係一個銷售團隊, 獲得工程師團隊嘅所有技術支持. 如何由我哋嗰度訂購?
1. Please confirm the model numbers and quantities that you would like to purchase our salesperson or email to us
2. 一旦我哋收到您的訂單,我哋將向你發送Proforma發票. 如果你需要, we will help you calculate the best freight charge by the courier
3. 在您安排付款並將您的銀行副本發送給我們之後, 我們將把您的訂單歸結為生產
4. 貨物完成後, 我哋將把貨物寄出去,畀你知追蹤號碼

問題: 你接受Fob或Cif啊??
回答.: 係., FOB必須超過1*20英尺嘅海上, 任何qty嘅Cif .


問題: Do you have the stock?
回答.: 係., we have the stock within 200 PCS goods normally.


問題: 您的交貨時間係多?
回答.: 通常 25 存款後數天


問題: 你可唔可以将我哋嘅標誌放在床上啊??
回答.: please provide the finished design of your logo, 我哋將將佢變成貼紙


問題: what’s kinds of the motor are optional?
回答.: Linak motor and to move, more or Chinese motor of your choose


問題: 有幾多人喺貴公司工作?
回答.: 我哋有周圍 200 員工今年



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